An archive of Italian-American experience.

About the Archive

This archive allows you to follow the path of Italian immigrants through their journey to America and the generations of Italian-Americans that followed them. These documents and stories explore the experiences of my family–the Coppotellis and the Cudas–as they left Italy to make a new home in America during the early 20th century. Much of the narrative is derived from informal conversations with family members. Their story provides a lens into the broader context of Italian-American life. Enter the archive to learn about their journey, and the ongoing story of my family into the modern day.

Structure of the Archive

The archive has two primary structural elements: the story of my family, and the documents that help to demonstrate how this experience interacts with the broader story of Italian immigration in the 20th century. As you enter the archive, you will be able to follow many of the key steps along their path–starting with their homes in Italy and finishing in the present day. Each of these steps is accompanied by documents, images, and stories that address the larger trends and narratives in which these experiences Importantly, these aspects of the archive are mutually informative, each providing nuanced insights into and interpretations of the other. My family story will provide grounding for larger trends in a tangible, personal journey, contextualizing larger trends in a narrative of lived experience. The broader story of Italian-American experience told through the supporting documents will help to provide a historical and cultural setting for my family’s journey.

Please note that citations for all documents included in this archive can be found in the Finding Guide.